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Hi there!

My name is George Wolf / Interfool. I am the least known "artist" of all time! The only celebrity that nobody knows and an international trendsetter that no one ever followed. In theory I would be the ultimate insider tip. (However, there is no insider around who ever heard about me, so I even have to write this bloody introduction myself...).

As I am so extremely unknown, I even have to re-introduce myself to my wife and my kids once or twice a week. Not even Google knows me. I already offered them money for all my data, but they just don’t want it.

I am on all major social media networks (Facebook, YouTubeInstagram) but this can rather be seen as some kind of an “art” project because it’s more “contra-motion” than “promotion”.

My numbers of followers or subscribers always sunk into NEGATIVE values way below zero in only a couple of days after I joined a social media network. I don’t know how I managed that, but there were constantly more people unsubscribing to my accounts than have ever subscribed to them. In my case it’s a bit more accurate to talk about “leavers” than about “followers”.

The only social media network, where my number of my followers was ever above zero was Google Plus. But they closed down the whole thing soon after ... Coincidence?

Another phenomenon of my extremely low publicity is that I never receive any e-mail, even though I constantly register myself almost everywhere with at least 10 different e-mail addresses. I don’t even get SPAM, although I’ve never used a SPAM-filter. I guess that’s because I am in no “target group”. A marketing professional once explained it to me. He told me that I don’t even fulfil the basic requirements for the target group “miscellaneous”.

Whenever I register myself anywhere under the profession “artist” I constantly receive a request to put this under 2, 4 or more quotation marks!

This may be due to the fact that I have always had a hard time defining what my fields of “art” actually are. At the moment it's mostly "Music maker", "Film maker" and "Overmodester". And it’s always "all-inclusive productions" where I do everything myself from A to Z. Of course, that’s not because I am so dammed good in everything I do, but rather because nobody else wants to do it.

That's probably all (or more than) you want to know. Thanks for your attention!

George Wolf / Interfool
September 2019


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